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The following is an example of what will be in one of my 'Transliterations' and what I am working on in my database and also for the book "I Te Pukapuka O Rorokai", regarding myths, legends and facts such as The existence or not of Atlantis which is the shortened version of the words A tu ra no ta su which however connected or not provide plausible meanings to the place and whether it was a geographic or metaphoric place. If anyone saw it the beginnings of this work were made available 2005 onwards at '', because it was free web space but proved inadequate, unreliable and now not functioning. I decided to spend some money and create my own site.

bilingkumu - crocodile - piri - cling, be attached (jaws?) skulk, hide oneself, cower - piringa - shelter, hiding place, haven, refuge (behaviours of predators or their prey) - kumu - fear, shrink from, be closed (mouth) - kumukumu - doubt, uncertainty, unpredictability
madja - rainforest = Mahuta - God of the Forest. - ma - come, go, clear away. - Hu - a Nature God (Egyptian), - huri, hurihuri, mahuri - seed, young shoot, sprout, - hunu- ray of sun. - hu - spiritual arrival of life essence, (nu)ku - extend, - nu - watery chaos(Eg.) coconut universe (Mang.), - ku - Earth Mother.
- a(hu) - heap, mound, move certain direction - whakaa(hu) - swell up, aa(hu)a - form, appearance, make character, be pregnant, - aa(hu)a(hu)a - resemble, - aa(hu)atanga - likeness, {etc. Genesis} mahua - rasied up, lifted (Sky Father) - a(hu)rangi - person free from moral or spiritual blemish (Iesu, Iesou'aa). mahu - cicatrised, healed (rainforest can be likened to a healing scab on the Earth Mother)
- ta - stem stalk of plant. (tae - come and go. pathway for Ta-ne) See 'Ko' "Don't chop me down."