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Transliterations of various languages to Maori

Paul's Hawaiki is a private concern where I attempt to answer some questions about God and the ancient world using linguistics, historical languages and prayer. Using hardcopy and online text I will translate some languages to their words nearest meanings in Maori. Why would I want to do this you may ask? It is my intention to prove the existence of God and statements made in Genesis regarding the origins of mankind. The Maori language dictionary was one of the first published and contains many words that are now not often used or have now become obsolete. This is because the Maiori or any other language spoken or recorded today in dictionaries were not spoken centuries ago, however those languages root words still exist.What will transpire will not be bound by present day dialects. Language is a living thing that continuously changes due to the environments, politics and religions of the speakers. I also hope to prove the plausibility that many cultural myths are often based on fact and that God was apparent to many peoples around the earth and that the telling of the same story may often only differ by the methods of expression which again were usually governed by the before mentioned environments, politics and religions. Also I believe it important to establish to those who may believe that the bible is not the be all and end all of God.

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free reference text available online
Kiribati-English Dictionary
Perseus Digital Library
Nahuatl - English Basic Dictionary
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