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Paul's Hawaiki is a private concern where I attempt to answer some questions about God and the ancient world using linguistics, historical languages and prayer. Using hardcopy and online text I will translate some languages to their words nearest meanings in Maori. Why would I want to do this you may ask? It is my intention to prove the existence of God using statements made in Genesis regarding the origins of mankind and language. The Maori language dictionary was one of the first published and contains many words that are now not often used or have become obsolete therefore what will transpire will not be bound by present day dialects. This is because the Maori or any other language spoken or recorded in dictionaries are not the sames as they were when spoken centuries ago, however those ancient languages root words still exist in modern or recently recorded languages. Language is a living thing that continuously changes due to the environments, politics and religions of the speakers and one must be aware of this and attempt to undertake this task with an unbiased attitude. Some no doubt will lack open mindedness or be biased due to one or more of the above mentioned conditions and ridicule this work or claim it is not proven. This will only harden my resolve to source the proof even further. I will also attempt to prove the plausibility that many cultural myths are often based on fact and that God was apparent to many peoples around the earth and that the telling of the same story may often only differ by the methods of expression which again were usually governed by the before mentioned environments, politics and religions. Also I believe it important to establish to those who may believe that the Bible and other religious literature are not the be all and end all of God as many would have us believe.

It is purely voluntary if you want to make an offering or donate.  I will still endeavour to accomplish this task as I believe that I have been placed in a direction to do so and a keen interest for such a task has been implanted within. From examination of self, the world past and present and the word I believe God has a purpose for many of us. Some may call it fate and that it was how we reacted and made choices through life situations that lead us to where we are at present. What if these situations were also affected by God's intervention and it was how we also reacted to that that also guides our walk in life. Like random testing so to speak. If through testing we believe in a purpose and have faith to follow it up it will eventuate. Their are also gifts of mind, body and spirit. Many of us mainly only focus on the gifts of the body and to a lesser extent the gifts of the mind as they are tangible. However the intangible gifts of the spirit unseen may be awesome yet secretive and unnoticed by nearly all. I also believe that God and science go hand in hand and to believe we can find the answers to solving problems, one without the other, will lead to holistically destructive outcomes.

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